Happy New Year to all! This is going to be our 1st post in 2014 and we hope that what you will see here will set a standard for the whole year. This time the 3 of us (with Lucia’s sister Miska) spent the first 10 days of the year on the beautiful island of Palawan, Philippines. Please sit back, put on your sunglasses and enjoy!

On the New Year’s Eve we arrived to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. Enjoyed a lot of seafood, town Christmas tree, local fireworks and San Miquel to say goodbye to the 2013.


We decided to welcome the New Year on the lovely islands of Honda Bay.


Sipping on a coconut…




Enjoying the scenery…


On the next day we booked a guide and took a trip to the famous Underground River. Trust us, you have seen such caves before. Therefore here is what we will remember the most:

Monitor lizards hanging out around


And Mark ziplining it down over the rice fields

DSC_0084 copy

The following day we planned our trip to Port Barton, a little seaside town. Because getting there is not easy and the bus we planned to take didn’t go, we decided to take a bus to San Vicente and then take a 45 min boat ride to PB. Someone had a whole different plan for us and that is how we ended up on Thelma’s boat. We were supposed to drop supplies at her campsite and then continue to PB. Guess what we did when we landed on this beach.


That’s right! We stayed to do nothing for 4 days.



OK, OK, we did something… E.g. we walked from one end of the beach to another.


Drank some coconut juice again.


We ventured out on a kayak to the little island opposite our beach.



Took a hike through a fisherman’s village…


… to a waterfall.


Exhausted had to drink more coconut juice!


And when we came back, we had to relax a bit.


Oh, did we mention watching the sunset?



This must have been the most beautiful beach the three of us have ever seen. And, to Lucia’s happiness, it had the most beautiful shells ever found too!


Our time was over and we had to say bye eventually. Luckily, we were off to El Nido – the most famous place on the island. El Nido pretty much means island-hopping, as the town itself is not very special and is strongly overshadowed by the bay’s lagoons, beaches and cliffs. So we hopped some islands.



We saw some amazing stuff under water, this starfish being one of them.


We climbed rocks to get amazing views. (Here is a view of us)


And we enjoyed some of the most awesome fiestas here.


Visited Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Hidden Beach, Secret Lagoon and explored all kinds of paradise-like places.



All on a banca boat like this one.


For all the beauty that we have seen, we would like to say Thanks to the Philippines and Palawan island.



All the beautiful pictures are also saved on Google+.


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    • Hans, late reaktie, we dachten allebei van de ander dat ie zou reageren. Eerste paar weken van April zitten we of in Australie of Nieuw-Zeeland, daarna waarschijnlijk Indonesie. Is dat wat? Mark

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