Get on a train in Europe and travel through Russia and Siberia all the way to China. We were heading for Asia anyway, the costs were probably lower than a flight and we would get to see a bit more of Russia and Mongolia. Hmmm… there was another reason for starting our travel on the Trans-Mongolian Express … oh yeah… small detail… Mark – who loves travelling by train – had been waiting for this moment since he was a little boy!

After spending a few days in St. Petersburg we got on the first train. There is an option of travelling the whole distance from Moscow to Beijing in once on one train with one ticket, but generally people we met would get off at least at one stop (usually Irkutsk). So did we. This means you have to buy separate tickets, it’s not a hop-on-hop-off train. Saying that, we don’t want to go into lots of details here on how all this works, but if you’re interested we would recommend to check out The man in Seat 61, a fabulous site for any train traveller. Although part of the fun is to just let it all happen and enjoy the ride, it does help to know how to prepare. For this we found no better source than this website.

Have a look at one of Mark’s dreams come true condensed in a 7 minute video. The song played is from ‘Empire of the Sun’; an Australian band we saw performing live in Singapore.

Enjoy and if you get the chance… get on this train as well!

Nasadnut na vlak v Europe a cez rusky Sibir prejst az do Ciny. Nasim cielom bola aj tak Azia, cena vlakovych listkov bola o nieco nizsia nez letenka a navyse sme tak mali moznost  si pozriet Rusko a Mongolsko zblizka. Hmmm… no a este tam bol jeden dovod, preco sme sa rozhodli zacat nas vylet na Trans-Mongolskej magistrale… taky maly detail… tato cesta bola pre Marka, ktory vseobecne rad cestuje vlakom, velkym detskym snom!

Po par dnoch v Petrohrade sme nastupili do prveho vlaku na tejto ceste. Na vyber je precestovat celu trasu cez Moskvu az do Pekingu naraz s jednym listkom, ale vacsinou sa cestovatelia rozhodnu pre menej narocnu moznost a cestu si prelozia aspon jednou zastavkou (vacsinou v Irkutsku). My sme sa tiez rozhodli kupit si separatne listky a vyskocit z vlaku na par dni hned niekolkokrat. Ak chcete vediet, ako cela cesta „funguje“ a ako si je treba kupovat listky atd, na strankach The man in Seat 61 najdete v anglictine vsetky detaily o tejto i inych vlakovych cestach sveta. I ked zazitkom zcasti je nechat veci na nahodu, v tomto  pripade je dobre byt pripraveny a tato stranka bola tym naj zdrojom, aky sme nasli.

Pozrite si Markov splneny sen stlaceny do 7 minut v tomto videjku. Pesnicka, ktoru sme si vybrali, je tiez pamiatkou na nase cesty. Je od australskej skupiny Empire of the Sun, a ktorej koncert sme sa boli pozriet v Singapure.

Vela zabavy pri sledovani a ak sa vam raz naskytne prilezitost…. urcite si nenechajte tento vlak ujst!


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